Our Product Range

We manufacture wooden pallets, wooden boxes, wooden crates and industrial decks to your specification. We offer a variety of lumber species, grades and dimensions.

Heat Treatment of timber products according to the ISPM15 Regulation for export

As every company has their own needs regarding wooden packaging, we strive to meet these needs by personalised site visits by our sales representatives

Our sales team has over 15 years experience and will provide an expert opinion and assist in determining your companies individual needs.

We have an intensive quality control process. Finished products are inspected,approved and then set for delivery.

Below are drawings of various pallets.

2 Way Single Deck

2 Way Fully Reversible Wing

Perimeter Base

2 Way Non-reversible

2 Way Non-reversible Wing

4 Way Fully Reversible

2 Way Reversible

2 Way Single Deck Wing

4 Way Non-reversible